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From preventive strategies to rehabilitation, your wellness is
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Health Tips

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Summer Injury Prevention 101

Summer is a time to have fun and spend time outdoors. It is an opportuni...
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Golf: 5 Exercises for a Good Warm-up Before a Game

Here is a series of exercises that will help you boost your golf game. T...
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Running: 5 Warm-up Exercises

Here are some exercises to warm up and increase mobility in the lower bo...
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Sunglasses: How to Choose the Right Tint for the Right Reason

Triathlons are scheduled in advance, and no one can predict the weather ...
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Preventing Osteoarthritis for the Health of Your Joints

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. In Canada, one in t...
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Triathlon: Swimming

Of the 3 triathlon disciplines, swimming is certainly the most complete....
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Triathlon: Running

For a lot of people, the melting of snow and ice is synonymous with the ...
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Triathlon: Cycling

With the late arrival of spring, cyclists start to reappear in the stree...
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Running in Winter: What to Wear?

With the cold weather just around the corner, it can become harder to go...
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The foam roller: an ally we love to hate!

The foam roller is a long cylinder of dense foam (it also exists as a ha...
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The Benefits of Massage Therapy in Children

Just like food, exercise, and good care, touching is an essential elemen...
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4 Tips to Be Happier

1. Stop putting things off until tomorrow and accomplish your goals... o...
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