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ProAction Golf Program

Program for Golf lovers of all categories who wish to improve their performance
Picture of the ProAction Golf Program's service

ProAction Golf Program

• Golfers who experience pain when they play the sport
• Golfers taking golf courses and who have difficulty applying the technique taught
• Golfers who have trouble maintaining consistency in their game
• Golfers who wish to take advantage of the short summer period to fully practice their favorite sport

The program includes:
• A brief medical history
• A capacity & physical limitations in 15 areas
• A video analysis of the golf swing
• An analysis and reporting of results
• A personalized program and exercises

Also available :
• Re-eevaluation periods to compare the results
• A coaching session for exercise programs
• Various lectures on golf and its challenges
• A medical team of experienced and knowledgeable health professionals (physiotherapists, sports therapists, rehabilitation therapists, sports medicine physicians, osteopaths and massage therapists) to treat and especially prevent even the smallest of injuries.

In a nutshell, the ProAction Golf program is:
• A successful golf program that focuses on concrete results on the golf course
• A way to prevent injuries, with the support of an outstanding medical staff whenever needed
• A specialized service for anyone who wishes to improve their game