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Fall Risk Program

The Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program is open to anyone who has had a fall in the past year or who believes that this program can benefit them based on increased risk due to age, history, medication changes, degeneration of muscles and/or joints or osteoporosis.
Picture of the Fall Risk Program's service

Fall Risk Program

It is a structured program that consists of 8 visits over a four-week period. Here is a resume of the program:

First Visit: Fall Risk Evaluation
-Blood pressure and heart rate
-Lower body strength and flexibility
-Dynamic postural stability test
-Aerobic endurance, Gait speed and Stride Length

Their scores are then compared to the norms of healthy active people to determine fall risk. If the patient is at risk they are given personalized and specific recommendations and interventions.

Visits 2-7:Clinic Exercises, Home Exercises, Education on fall prevention Manual therapies

The treatments which occur in the clinic and at home focus on:
-Walking speed/Step Length

Each patient is also given an educational package which helps them to understand the environmental risk factors of falling. If need be, modifications can be made to their home.

Visit 8: Re-evaluation

A report is given to the patient and referring health care provider after the first visit and after re-evaluation. Referring health care providers may recommend continued structured exercises programs also available at our clinic.