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Temporo-mandibular articulation (TMJ)

Physiotherapy is used as an adjuvant to other methods of treatment in TMJ.
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Temporo-mandibular articulation (TMJ)

There are many different approaches described, but exercises aiming to increase the range of mandibular movements are commonly involved. Jaw exercises aim to directly oppose the negative effects of disuse that may occur in TMJ, due to pain discouraging people from moving their jaw

Physiotherapy for TMJ may include the use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), which may override pain by stimulation of superficial nerve fibers and lead to pain reduction which extends after the time when the TENS is actually being applied, possibly due to the release of endorphins. Others recommend the use of ultrasound, theorized to produce tissue heating, alter blood flow and metabolic activity at a level that is deeper than possible with surface heat applications.