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Biomecanical Analysis for Runners

The analysis of the runner is a specialized service for athletes who love running.
Picture of the Biomecanical-Analysis-for-Runners's service

Biomecanical Analysis for Runners

From beginners who want to start running safely to the expert looking for tips to improve their performance , this service is available to anyone interested in identifying risk factors or to prevent injury.

Generally spread over one or two appointments , the analysis of the runner focuses on the functional analysis of specific movements during running . Your muscle groups, your shoes and orthotics will be analyzed.

In the second part of the appointment , you will receive the results of this analysis and a program of exercises to correct risk factors or contributing to a pathology related to running . All this in order to reduce the risk of injury and increase performance. The custom program will be explained by a professional and you will begin or resume training in a progressive and effective way.

Do not forget to bring your shoes and orthotics during your appointment.