Let’s Get Back To Life!

About Us

Over 450 Physiotherapy and sports medicine professionals working on your recovery for over 34 years!!

Let's Get Back to Life!

About Us

Action Sport Physio sports medicine clinics are renowned for the excellent results in the treatment of their patients' rehabilitation needs. With a network of clinics across the province, our 450 multidisciplinary health professionals are available and accessible to provide the very best of quality care.

Specializing in physiotherapy and sports medicine for 34 years, our clinics offer a complete array of multidisciplinary services for professional athletes and the general population alike.

Mission et autres

"To provide optimal therapeutic care for a prompt and complete recovery as if you were a part of the family." 

Because of its optimal support and pleasant environment, Action Sport Physio helps its patients back to life!

Vision and Values:
Action Sport Physio’s renewed vision is made up of two sections. The first refers to what has made our success and reputation from the very start, the democratization of high-end sports medicine services for the general population.

The second refers to the double objective to be developped in the coming years. The combination of these two sections allows Action Sport Physio a vision of growth, favouring a significant potential for expansion in the decades to come.

Section 1:
Democratize high-end sports medicine and offer our multi-disciplinary team’s competence to all of Quebec’s active population

Part 2:
Our goal for the future : Apply this sports expertise in the fields of prevention and healing, and become the reference in well-being, notably with physicians, allowing people to age healthfully.

Action Sport Physio’s vision will be conveyed through our three fundamental values : Empathy, team spirit and self-transcendence.

Let's Get Back to Life! MD
Action Sport Physio’s branding perfectly relates to helping the patient come Back to Life. Back to Life following an accident... Back to Life following an injury... Back to Life the way it was before the pain set in.

Action Sports Physio gives back to its patients what they’ve lost. ASP is so deeply convinced of the excellence of its therapeutic approach and of it’s team’s competence, that it can actually promise it’s patients that they will regain their lost health. ASP provides hope and pain relief.

To summarize, Let's Get Back to Life perfectly expresses Action Sport Physio’s branding, while it echoes the essense of therapeutic care: Helping each other equally, elite athletes as well as the general population. The democratization of ASP’s outstanding services allows its branding to support many assertions.

Let's Get Back to Life..... to practice your sport
Let's Get Back to Life..... to move on with your life
Let's Get Back to Life..... to get back into shape

The assertion of the positionning and our beliefs:
Action Sport Physio is the first network of sports medicine clinics to offer Quebec’s active population the same caliber of physiotherapy treatments that is offered to elite athletes. Its attentive and experienced team treats thousands of patients every year for sports injuries, medical reasons or simply for prevention, all for the sake of well-being.
Our beliefs:
Action Sport Physio believes that all people have the right to be treated with the same caliber care as a professional athlete.

Action Sport Physio believes that healing comes from a combination of multi-disciplinary treatments brought together under one roof.

Action Sport Physio believes that every patient has the power to influence their own healing.