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Oncology Physiotherapy

Oncology - Breast Cancer
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Oncology Physiotherapy

Accompanying people with breast cancer through a therapeutic approach specialized in the evaluation, prevention and treatment of its consequences.


Cancer is a battle, in fact 1 in 4 women in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022. Our therapists are trained to provide you with the best treatments and to accompany you through these ordeals in order to maintain / improve your quality of life.


Modalities of accompaniment:

Preparation-accompaniment-follow-up for chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, reconstruction

Prevention and treatment of after-effects, deficits, pain, incidents

Accompaniment for hormone therapy  

Resumption of physical activity



- Improve posture (fight against the Breast Protection Attitude)

- Prevent/combat joint limitations

- Improve mechanical/aesthetic quality of scars and tissues

- Recover musculature and gestures of daily life

- Prevent, drain and contain lymphedema

- Prevent or fight against pain

- Helping to relax and tone up the muscles

- Fight against fatigue and deconditioning during exercise

- Rehabilitation to the effort, resumption of physical activity

- Helping to reappropriate the body with or without reconstruction


 Do you have questions? Contact our therapists, they will be able to guide you