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Global Postural Re-education (GPR)

GPR is a physiotherapy approach that is in constant search of the source of the problem.
Therapist evaluation for a Global Postural Re-education (GPR)'s service

Global Postural Re-education (GPR)

The objective of global postural re-education is to track back from the consequence to the cause of the lesion by following the network of muscular rigidity and by correcting it little by little.

By actively participating we want to decrease the risk of recurrence over a long period of time.

To attain its objective GPR makes use of a series of specific postures adapted to each patient according to the chain of muscles that are retracted while taking into account the whole body.

During the first appointment, the patient will go through an evaluation of all the symptoms, the muscular retraction and posture evaluation. Physiotherapy, during the treatment, tries to reposition the body with a gradual tension application on the chain of muscles in combination with the proper breathing.

These postures are applied slowly, delicately and progressively while always insisting on exhaling. It helps to regain strength, length and flexibility to the muscles responsible for the problem. GPR prevents long term articular deterioration by helping healing and eliminating pain and its symptoms in its entirety.

GPR is for everyone with a musculoskeletal problem.