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Great Shape for Golf Program

Golf fever starts with Action Sport Physio! Action Sport Physio now offers the Great Shape for Great Golf program, a new service specialized for golfers.
Picture of the Great Shape for Golf Program's service

Great Shape for Golf Program

Its objective is to give golfers the tools necessary to improve specific physical conditioning that could harm their potential to a great golf swing.

The training program, "Golf Season Conditioning", conditions your body for the golf season.

Great Shape for Great Golf Program:

  • Musculo-skeletal assessment;
  • Analysis of the golf swing;
  • Personalized individual program to improve the individual limits;
  • Follow up/progression of exercise program during the golf season.

Golf Season Conditioning Program:

  • Condition your body in order to withstand the unique strains that golf causes on the body;
  • Increased strength, endurance and flexibility;
  • Resolve any weaknesses, inhibitions or compensations;
  • Prevents golfing injuries.
  • Individual package or team packages.

For who:

Golfers in physiotherapy wanting to improve his golf technique, to relieve his pain/injuries of back, neck, shoulders…

Golfers wanting to improve their flexibility, strength, muscular control and golf swing in order to decrease the risks of injuries during the golf season.