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Sports vision training (SVT)

Sports vision training aims to improve one's peripheral awareness, reaction time and accuracy of eye-hand, eye-feet or entire body coordination.
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Sports vision training (SVT)

It is not meant to correct a visual problem, but rather to improve natural skills and bring them to a higher functional level. Used more and more by elite athletes, certified programs are now being adapted for the general population.

SVT is a certified integrated exercise program that stimulates the neuro-sensory-motor system to improve concentration, maximize the use of peripheral awareness, the speed and accuracy of eye-hand responses, the anticipation of movement and the use of 3D vision. In other words: all the functions we need for an active life, in a moving environment (e.g.: driving) and for sports performance.

Furthermore, our high technology equipment can record functional baselines that can be used for performance monitoring, but also for helping health professionals decide when an athlete can safely return to play following a concussion or an upper extremity injury.

Services available

Conditions that can benefit from sports vision training

For athletes and anyone playing sports:

  • Functional pre-season baselines
  • Sport/activity-specific training program
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Peripheral attention
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Reaction time
  • Decision making regarding a return to play
  • Concentration when tired
  • Training to save energy when doing multiple movements
  • Balance

Functional rehabilitation of the visuomotor reflexes, combined with physiotherapy, osteopathy or occupational therapy for the following:

  • Mild concussions (MTBI))
  • Upper extremity, lower extremity, back or neck injury
  • Low peripheral awareness or slowed hand-body reflexes (e.g.: elderly people)
  • In collaboration with the optometrist or ophthalmologist, improvement of the normal development of the peripheral visuomotor functions in children

For more information, read this article on Sports Visual Training or visit the Performance NeuroVision website (in French)