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Golf: 5 Exercises for a Good Warm-up Before a Game

Golf: 5 Exercises for a Good Warm-up Before a Game

Here is a series of exercises that will help you boost your golf game.

The following movements will lubricate your joints while the stretch will activate the most commonly used muscles in golf.

Repeat 15 times each side

1. Point your foot successively outwards and inwards.

2. Slowly turn your head to one side and then to the other.

3. Turn your torso one way, then to the other, while making sure the head initiates the movement.

4. Keeping your arm straight, bend your wrist to lift the putter towards the sky and then control it on the way down.

Hold 15 seconds each side

5. With both hands behind your back holding your putter, pull upwards with the top hand, then downwards with the bottom one to stretch different parts of your shoulders.

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