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Picture of Micah Watts Naturopath at the Action Sport Physio Bois-Franc clinic
Micah Watts
Athletic Therapist, Naturopath, Owner

Micah Watts Athletic Therapist, Naturopath, Owner



Micah graduated in 2022 with a degree in Athletic Therapy and obtained his CAT(C) designation from Concordia University. Additionally he holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Physiology from McGill University and his Naturopath certification from the CPMDQ.

With his understanding of anatomy, physiology and rehabilitation, Micah is passionate about helping his clients achieve their specific goals. From professional athletes, to weekend warriors, Micah uses a combination of manual therapy and corrective conditioning to help his clients reach their maximum potential. Ultimately, he believes that we are all “athletes of life” and that nobody deserves to live with pain. He believes in holistic and evidence-based care, and that treating the person is always superior to treating only the injury.

Micah believes that adopting a healthy lifestyle is one of the key determinants for injury prevention, sustained independence, and mental health. Micah is committed to his clients and takes pride in seeing them realize their potential and live pain free lives. 

On and off the field, Micah is an advocate for sports. He played rugby for 7 years and has competed in track and field as well as swimming. Currently, he enjoys keeping active with running, swimming, flag football and biking.

Services Offered

Services Offered