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Picture of Huda Razzak Nutritionist at the Action Sport Physio LaSalle, Montreal West, Town of Mount Royal clinic
Huda Razzak

Huda Razzak Nutritionist

Montreal West
Town of Mount Royal


I graduated from McGill with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and I am a member of the Order of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Québec (ODNQ). I have hosted many nutrition booths to teach the public about healthy habits and answered their various questions. I have worked with a variety of clients with diabetes, cancer, respiratory disease, as well as those with high cholesterol, arthritis and chronic pain. I also guest lecture in the Clinical Nutrition course at McGill to speak about nutrition and respiratory disease yearly. When speaking to people about how to improve their health, I believe that small changes made in our habits can lead to significant improvement in health, mood or energy. I love food, eating out and trying new recipes and I love to share that interest in food with others. 

Services Offered

Services Offered