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Photo of Pins and Needles in my Arm

Pins and Needles in my Arm

At times you may feel tingling or numbness in your arm, even reaching into your hand. This strange sensation may seem worrying, but above all, it is are very disturbing.

The most common cause is a pinched nerve. Nerves act like long electrical cables giving the energy the muscles need to move and the skin to feel. The nerves in the upper limb emerge from the vertebrae in the neck exiting through small holes, bypassing joints, weaving through several muscles, and squarely cut though those they innervate. In short, all of those interfaces can obstruct the passage of the nerve in the arm and force it to stretch.

This forced lengthening causes paresthesia or dysesthesias: which can cause the feeling of pins and needles, tingling, numbness, electric shocks, a burning sensation, a feeling of cold, or pain.

Physiotherapy treatment consists of finding the structure or structures responsible for the pinched nerve and freeing it. The nerve will then be able to resume sliding normally and harmoniously with the movements of the neck and arm and stop causing unpleasant symptoms.

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