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Picture of Latin Olivier Niyonsaba Physiotherapist at the Action Sports Physio Lachine clinic
Latin Olivier Niyonsaba
Physiotherapist, Owner

Latin Olivier Niyonsaba Physiotherapist, Owner

Team member


M.Sc. P.T.

Ever since his youth, Latin Olivier has always loved sports and physical activities. This passion led him to studying Health Science at Vanier college, followed by McGill University, where he successfully completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in Physical Therapy. Along with completing his level 2 manual therapy courses, he is currently enrolled in the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute program to enrich his knowledge in the musculoskeletal and orthopedic part of physiotherapy.

During his university education, he had the opportunity of doing internships in both the private and the public sectors. Throughout this experience, he worked with patients of different age groups. This helped him acquire the tools to excel in his field and gain an appreciation for its diversity.

Furthermore, he has been attending numerous continuing education courses and seminars to acquire more knowledge and, most importantly, provide evidence-based treatments to his clientele. He mostly treats clients with orthopaedics (manual therapy & sports therapy) and vestibular rehabilitation of all age groups.

He follows and understands the mechanics of various mainstream sports as it helps him offer his athletic clientele an adequate treatment plan. Moreover, he is a promoter of physical activity and being in the sports medicine field helps him better understand how the biomechanics of the human system functions.

His mission and purpose along with his team at Action Sport Physio Lachine is to bring the sports medicine field in our community to a higher level. He likes to return his clients to all the activities they used to enjoy pre-injury. He likes to bring his clients back to their sports or any activity in a timely manner, pain-free and with more muscular balance and control to further prevent any injuries. He makes sure that anybody who steps inside his clinic achieves their goals and objectives as far as rehabilitation is concerned.

Services Offered

Services Offered


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