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Picture of Nadia Moussouni Physiotherapist at the Action Sports Physio Saint-Léonard clinic
Nadia Moussouni

Nadia Moussouni Physiotherapist



Nadia graduated from Université de Montréal with a Master's degree in physiotherapy in 2020. Throughout her academic career, she has developed a marked interest in the musculoskeleteal and neuromeningeal systems. Her extracurricular experience with a sports team also made her discover the fun of intervention in the field and initiated her in the therapeutic follow-up of athletes.

Among the various fields of expertise in physiotherapy, follow-up after a concussion, motor control and physiotherapy puncture techniques with dry needles are therapeutic approaches that have piqued her curiosity and that she would like to integrate into her practice eventually.

Nadia is invested in the treatment of each of her patients and encourages their participation in order to achieve their personal goals. She knows how to listen and individualize the treatment plan according to the specific needs of each one. Her objective is to offer the best possible service, so that the patient can offer the best of themselves in their daily life.

On a personal level, Nadia has a particular interest in learning new languages ​​and discovering foreign cultures. A fan of the outdoors, thrills and adventures, she is passionate about travel. She also enjoys swimming, cycling, hiking and climbing.

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