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Picture of Florence B. Loiselle Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Mont-Saint-Hilaire clinic
Florence B. Loiselle

Florence B. Loiselle Physiotherapist



Florence graduated from the University of Montreal in 2014 with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy.

What first attracted her to physiotherapy was her love for sports, but she quickly fell under the spell of many

other aspects of physiotherapy, such as rehabilitation, pediatrics and vestibular rehabilitation.

In the years following her graduation, Florence has taken many post-graduate courses, including running injury prevention,

assessment and treatment of babies with plagiocephaly and torticollis, rehabilitation of mild head trauma, courses on muscle

control, dizziness and more.

On a personal level, Florence loves spending time with her family, especially outdoors! Her adventures take her to many parts of Quebec. 

Florence is a versatile physiotherapist who will accompany and advise you, whether it is for a minor injury or throughout a rehabilitation process.

Services Offered

Services Offered