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Picture of Geneviève Leduc Physiotherapy Technologist (Physical Rehabilitation Therapist) at the Action Sport Physio Valleyfield clinic
Geneviève Leduc
Physiotherapy Technologist (Physical Rehabilitation Therapist)

Geneviève Leduc Physiotherapy Technologist (Physical Rehabilitation Therapist)

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A graduate of Cégep Montmorency in Physiotherapy Technology and a member of the OPPQ since 2015, Geneviève joined the Action Sport Physio Vaudreuil and Valleyfield team shortly after her graduation. Having also trained as an event coordinator since 2002, she naturally became responsible for sports and social events in 2016.

Geneviève has participated in several continuing education programs such as: sports taping, neuro-proprioceptive taping 1, dynamic taping, sports first aid and concussion management. She wishes to continue to improve herself by participating in all kinds of advanced training. She finds it important to stay up to date in order to offer the best possible efficiency in the management of her patients.

Geneviève has a great sense of observation, is attentive to the needs of her patients and is very organized. Energetic, she always has a multitude of projects in mind and follows a very active lifestyle. She has always known that she wants to help people be happy. All of these qualities allowed her to win the clinical excellence award for her cohort at Collège Montmorency in 2015 and the Vaudreuil clinic's Employee of the Year award in 2017.

  • Upper extremity manual therapy for TRP
  • Lower limb manual therapy for TRP
  • Structural myofascial therapy level 1

Services Offered

Services Offered