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Picture of Vincent Laganière Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Maisonneuve Rosemont clinic
Vincent Laganière

Vincent Laganière Physiotherapist

Maisonneuve Rosemont
Cabrini (Nouveau-Rosemont)


Vincent graduated from the University of Montreal with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy in 2019. During his master's degree, Vincent became interested in the optimal management of concussions in sports.

Since the first year of his bachelor's degree, he has shown a particular interest in sports physiotherapy. He has been involved throughout his university career with multiple sports teams, including the Westmount women's rugby team, to maximize his experience. Vincent is also a physiotherapist for the Université de Montréal Carabins rugby team. Vincent has a keen interest in musculoskeletal clients and the motor control approach.

Since childhood, Vincent has been passionate about sports. That passion is how he discovered physiotherapy. He plays field hockey, soccer, flag soccer and golf.

Services Offered

Services Offered