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Picture of Catherine Lacoste Acupuncturist at the Action Sports Physio Saint-Eustache / Deux-Montagnes clinic
Catherine Lacoste

Catherine Lacoste Acupuncturist

Saint-Eustache / Deux-Montagnes


Catherine graduated from the Rosemont College acupuncture program in 2017. She is a member in good standing of the Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec (OAQ).

A former gymnast at the competitive level until 2006, Catherine is passionate about the complexity of the human body and all that it can develop.

It is because of the numerous injuries caused by this demanding sport that she first discovered the benefits of physiotherapy and quickly became interested. She began her studies in Physical Rehabilitation Techniques at Collège Montmorency and graduated in 2012. Until 2014, Catherine works in a multidisciplinary team in a physiotherapy clinic and develops an interest in shoulder disorders.

It was through further discussion with her aunt, who has been an acupuncturist for over 30 years, that Catherine became interested in this profession. Without asking too many questions, she decided to embark on the great adventure of traditional Chinese medicine, and very quickly became fascinated by it.

She discovered in acupuncture several gentle and non-invasive methods of treatment, which allow the body to self-regulate by its own energy, in order to achieve balance and harmony on the physical level as well as on the level of the spirit. Her goal is to accompany the body as a whole.

In February 2018, she completed a training focused on obstetrics to accompany women during their pregnancy and postpartum. A new mother herself since May 2018, Catherine understands how challenging a pregnancy can be for some women. She wishes to offer each of them the pleasure of experiencing a harmonious pregnancy and a more restful and relaxed postpartum.

Her knowledge gained from her background in physical rehabilitation greatly helps her when it comes to helping people struggling with musculoskeletal pain. In November 2018, she completing levels 1 and 2 of therapeutic cupping. So, in addition to needling, she frequently uses her new knowledge to not only work on pain, but also on the nervous, digestive, respiratory systems and much more.

It will be a great pleasure for her to guide you towards a balance of body and mind.

Services Offered

Services Offered