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Picture of Patrick Handfield Head Physiotherapist at the Action Sports Physio Montreal - Downtown clinic
Patrick Handfield
Head Physiotherapist, Head Office, Owner

Patrick Handfield Head Physiotherapist, Head Office, Owner


B.Sc. P.T., CAT(c)

Owner and Physiotherapist. Patrick Handfield graduated from McGill University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. In 1987, he completed his Canadian Athletic Therapy Certification. He is a recognized Physiotherapist and Certified Athletic Therapist across Canada. He is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapist Association, the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association, and the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada.

Since graduation Patrick has continued to demonstrate an interest in Physical and Sports Medicine. He is presently a Senior Expert Consultant for Health and Performances Services of Cirque du Soleil where he was the Head therapist for 25 years.

He is also an expert consultant for Ecole Nationale de Cirque where he runs a satellite clinic as well as Cirque Eloize and a multitude of performing arts organizations. He is presently the President and Head Physiotherapist of the Downtown branch of Action Sport Physio as well as the Executive Director and Founding partner of Action Sport Medicine International (Les cliniques Action Sport Physio).

He has attended various Provincial, National and International athletic events including the 2000 Sydney Olympics, 1996 Atlanta Olympics, 1992 Paralympics Games in Barcelona, the 1988-89, 91-92 World Junior Hockey Championships in Anchorage and Germany, the 1989 Francophone Games (as Head Therapist), the 1991 World Cup of Gymnastics in Montréal, the 1987 Junior Pan-AM Track and Field Championship in Jamaica, the 1991 Canada Games. He was medical coordinator of the Canadian Track and Field Championships, a position he assumed in 1990. He is also a current consultant with the National Federations for Hockey, Gymnastics and Track & Field.

Always current on various topics in the field of Physical and Sports Medicine, Patrick has taken additional professional training in Manual Therapy, Muscle Energy, Myofascial Release, Biomechanics of the lumbar spine and pelvis, Management of cervical headaches, and others. As well, he takes great interest in exploring new techniques with his co-workers from other countries as he travels on special assignments with different sporting organizations.

Services Offered

Services Offered