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Picture of Hugues Fontaine Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Mascouche clinic
Hugues Fontaine
Physiotherapist, Owner

Hugues Fontaine Physiotherapist, Owner

Team member


M.Sc. P.T.

A few years ago, Hugues started playing rugby. Although a formidable sport, it required him to consult physiotherapists to help heal injuries that occurred during games. Through the client-centered approach of the physiotherapists he experienced first hand, this profession attracted him and led him to study in this field. He graduated from Université de Sherbrooke in May of 2013.

After working with a Lanaudière clientele for more than seven years at the Action Sport Physio clinic in Repentigny, it is with great enthusiasm that Hugues transferred his professional activities to Mascouche in the fall of 2020 to take part in the very stimulating project of developing this splendid new clinic.

Passionate about sports of all kinds, Hugues is a certified 2.0 expert from the Running Clinic, the most advanced course currently available in the field of health through running and injury prevention related to this activity, which he practices several times a week.

Always driven by his love of sports, Hugues has also, during his professional career, worked with several regional or school sports teams to provide quality physiotherapy services to athletes of all levels in his community. This field experience combined with his clinical practice of recent years has forged the physiotherapist he is today, who takes the rapid recovery of his clientele to heart.

Services Offered

Services Offered