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Picture of Johanie Dubé Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Valleyfield clinic
Johanie Dubé

Johanie Dubé Physiotherapist



Johanie graduated from the University of Sherbrooke with a Master's degree in Physical Therapy in 2019 and joined the Action Sport Physio team afterwards. Previously, she obtained a diploma in pre-hospital emergency care (paramedic) and studied kinesiology for 2 years. This varied background has greatly helped her develop her skills as a health care professional.

Her practical training as a physiotherapist is characterized by various internships in private clinics (orthopedics), an internship at the RMC outpatient clinic (neurology and orthopedics), an internship at Charles-Lemoyne Hospital (neurology) as well as an innovative internship in Haiti (international aid).

Since the beginning of her university training 4 years ago, Johanie has been involved with the Sherbrooke ASP team as a therapist for various local sports teams, mainly soccer and football. She has a great interest in physical activities of all kinds and practices several sports in her spare time, including swimming, running, cycling and hiking.

Services Offered

Services Offered