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Picture of Gabrielle Despars Physiotherapy Technologist at the Montreal East clinic
Gabrielle Despars
Physiotherapy Technologist (Physical Rehabilitation Therapist)

Gabrielle Despars

Physiotherapy Technologist (Physical Rehabilitation Therapist)

Montreal - East End
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A graduate of Collège Montmorency, I have been practicing as a physiotherapy technologist for the past 2 years with a mainly orthopedic clientele. My knowledge acquired during my initial training, my internships and my experience as a therapist allow me to treat a clientele suffering from back pain (sprain, osteoarthritis, disc pathology), a post-operative clientele (PTG, ROFI, etc.) and a clientele suffering from various pathologies such as tendinopathies, sprains, etc.

The well-being of patients, the return to their activities and to work are the reasons that motivate me to offer adapted and personalized treatments. In fact, every year, I participate in continuing education sessions in order to perfect my knowledge in physiotherapy. My most recent training, completed in May 2018, focused on upper limb manual therapy.

As a hiker, dancer, runner and stand-up paddle boarder, I advocate a healthy and active lifestyle.

Services Offered

Services Offered

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