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Picture of Urbano Ciccarelli Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Saint-Bruno clinic
Urbano Ciccarelli
Athletic Therapist, Physiotherapist, Head Office, Responsible for the Protection of Personal Information

Urbano Ciccarelli Athletic Therapist, Physiotherapist, Head Office, Responsible for the Protection of Personal Information


Urbano Ciccarelli first obtained a B.Sc. in Physiology from McGill University before studying Physiotherapy at the same university. In 1987, he received his bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and became a member of L'Ordre des physiothérapeutes du Québec and the Canadian Association of physiotherapists.

His interest in sports and orthopedic physiotherapy soon became the driving force in his career. In 1990, he became a certified athletic therapist in Canada and soon became president and owner of Action Sport Physio in Saint-Bruno. Thereafter, he was a very important contributor and promoter of the ASP banner, not only as an owner and vice-president, operations of ASP International but with his expertise in physiotherapy. The years that followed allowed him to attain an enviable level of knowledge and experience in dealing with various sports organizations and sports teams, as well as with renowned athletes and active people.

He obtained his level three in vertebral manual therapy in 1991 and has taken several other complementary courses. Continuing education allows him to be up-to-date regarding the latest developments in terms of treatments and to offer a more specialized service to his patients. He has, on several occasions, used his knowledge and interest in the treatment of musculoskeletal, orthopedic and sports injuries. He recently obtained certification from the Running Clinic to evaluate and treat the injuries of runners, and then underwent in-depth training on concussion management to evaluate and treat victims of mild traumatic brain injuries.

One of his biggest motivations is to rehabilitate athletes who have suffered important injuries, which allowed him to join teams such as La Machine de Montréal (football), as advising therapist, and the Montreal Alouettes (1996 to 2006), as medical coordinator. He has also been advising physiotherapist for the provincial and national figure skating teams. On many occasions, he was an evaluator at the oral certification exam for the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association.

He is a role model for his team of therapists at his clinic. He practices many sports to stay in shape such as bicycling, skiing, swimming and, once in a while, golf. His goal is to continue his commitment with his patients and offer them the best quality of treatment possible.

Services Offered

Services Offered