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Picture of Kevin Chen Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Montreal - East End clinic
Kevin Chen
Owner, Physiotherapist

Kevin Chen Owner, Physiotherapist

Montreal - East End


M.Sc. P.T.

Kevin graduated from McGill University in 2011 with a Bachelor's of Science majoring in physical therapy and obtained a Master's of Science, Applied, in Physical Therapy in 2012. He is a licensed physiotherapist and member of the l'Ordre professionnelle de la Physiothérapie du Québec.

Kevin has worked with a diverse population of patients of all ages. He shows particular interest in treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries. In early 2013, Kevin and a group of physical rehabilitation experts developed a warm-up exercise routine for the employees of MAAX with the purpose of avoiding workplace injuries.

Kevin is always interested in continuing education courses. He has taken a course in the prevention of injuries of runners, becoming certified in running with The Running Clinic. Kevin is also an accredited ReAct therapist. This course allows him to quickly and accurately identify the severity of a concussion and treat it as efficiently as possible.

Kevin's master's project entailed working with post-stroke patients and finding a way to reliably measure the balance of these patients. The study has shown that the center of mass, a value which can be measured by a force plate, has great potential in quantifying balance in post-stroke patients.

In his free time, he enjoys mixed martial arts, jogging and going to the gym.

Services Offered

Services Offered