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Picture of Anne Battisti Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Saint-Jérôme clinic
Anne Battisti-Charbonnay

Anne Battisti-Charbonnay Physiotherapist

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Anne obtained her master's degree in physiotherapy in Belgium in 2000 at the Catholic University of Louvain, after which she went on to complete a training in respiratory rehabilitation in 2002. After completing her studies, she immediately went on to work in a university hospital environment in Brussels, Belgium, then in Geneva, Switzerland. She worked in acute and subacute cardio-respiratory rehabilitation teams (from newborns to adults) and she also spent 5 years as a researcher in mechanical ventilation. At the same time, her passion for sports (road and mountain running, swimming, sport and coastal rescue, and rowing) pushed her to undertake additional training in therapy and sports coaching in Paris (KinéSport), which she was able to put into practice during the follow-up of the French junior and senior teams in sport rescue (selections, preparations, European championships) for two years.

In 2007 she decided to come to Toronto to pursue her research career in the respiratory and cerebrovascular fields (neurological diseases and sleep apnea, hypoxia). She then moved to Quebec, on the North Shore of Montreal, in 2016 to acquire her equivalency diploma in physiotherapy at the University of Montreal (May 2018).

Since arriving at the Saint-Jérôme clinic, Anne has acquired new tools in different areas of study like the jaw (TMJ), concussion management (CCMI), and the prevention of running injuries (with the Clinique du runner, she will even be able to assess your race boss). Anne also treats certain chronic pain that requires shock wave therapy, and has also trained colleagues to develop the respiratory rehabilitation service (Better breathing for better living) offered in our clinic.

To share her passion for health and well-being through movement, she paired up with our kinesiologist Nicolas Tremblay to develop cardiac rehabilitation in a private setting in order to restore health to people with vascular and neurological diseases, by getting them moving like before.

In her free time, Anne favors outdoor activities, whether on the mountain (running, hiking, skiing) or on the water (swimming, rowing), and advocates movement as a good habit of life.

Anne's academic knowledge and sports experience are an asset in managing your injuries and she will be happy to meet you at our clinic.

Services Offered

Services Offered