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Picture of Andrea Batrla Kinesiologist at the Action Sport Physio Montreal Downtown clinic
Andrea Batrla

Andrea Batrla Kinesiologist


Andrea Batrla is a graduate from McGill University with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. She is an accredited member of the Quebec Kinesiologist Federation (FKQ) and the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA).

As a kinesiologist, Andrea is passionate about helping her clients reach their goals through personalized exercise programs, fitness education, and goal setting. Her services include implementing a more active lifestyle, returning to sports after injury, altering body composition, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to provide a complete treatment plan.

With her unique background of high-level basketball and being a proud 2nd dan black belt in taekwondo, she is suited to engage with clients from a variety of sporting backgrounds such as volleyball, football, tennis or long-distance running where she also has experience.

If you are returning from an injury or surgery, she is the perfect person to help bringing you back to your previous level of activities safely and also help you to strive to the next level!

Services Offered

Services Offered