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Picture of Ashley Arnold Massage Therapist at the Action Sport Physio LaSalle clinic
Ashley Arnold
Massage Therapist

Ashley Arnold Massage Therapist



Ashley has always been fascinated by the complexities of the moving body. With an extensive background in dance training and instruction, Ashley understands the importance of injury prevention and restorative practices to increase the longevity of your sport. 

It was her work in dance that pushed Ashley to become a massage therapist. And now, with a decade of experience in massage therapy under her belt, Ashley has garnered the ability to adapt her massage style to suit the needs of the body she is treating. 

Ashley believes that too many people wait until their pain is unbearable to seek treatment. To her, massage is not just a practice in pain management, but rather an important tool that can greatly impact one's quality of life in the most beautiful way. She hopes that more and more people will implement massage therapy into their self-care routine. 

Certified with the Société Nouvelle de Massothérapie du Québec (SNMQ), you can book Ashley for a treatment in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic massage. 

Services Offered

Services Offered