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One Month Beginner Push Up Program (3 Sessions a Week)

Want to up your push-up game? Then it's time to tackle the BarBend Beginner Push-Up Program. This supplemental #workoutprogram is designed to build well-rounded pressing strength and will take your #pushup to the next level. In this video we're going to cover two main talking points:

Program Guidelines
Exercise Walkthroughs

This program is intended to serve as a supplement to what you're already doing. It can also replace pressing workout days if structured accordingly. For those interested in following this beginner push-up program, then we highly suggest checking out the article above. The article will have the full #workout written out so it can easily be saved and taken with you to the gym! If you choose to follow this program, we'd love to know how much you improved in the comments below!

To see more, visit www.barbend.com 
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