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Health Tips

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Health services available to asylum seekers in Quebec via the IFHP

Obstacles to employment, the loss of their support network, and difficul...
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Twist and Shout: Suffering from an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury?

If you’re a sports fan, you've probably heard of ACL injuries but do you...
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Top 6 Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Walking, jogging and running are excellent activities to promote health ...
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How to Deal with Nagging Elbow Pain

The ulnar nerve is a major nerve that runs through the arm. It is respon...
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De Quervain's Tendinitis

You had a baby a few weeks ago and you are suddenly experiencing persist...
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Shin Splints

The shinbone or the tibia is the front surface of the lower leg. This pa...
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How Physiotherapy Helps Biceps Tendinitis

The biceps tendon connects the biceps muscle in the upper arm to the elb...
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