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Back discomfort and pain when sitting at the desk

Back discomfort and pain when sitting at the desk

When we sit for long hours in front of our computer, we adopt a poor posture characterized by a hunched back (thoracic hyperkyphosis), a head thrown forward (head protraction) and high shoulders. This position leads to poor adaptation of certain muscle groups: some muscles will contract and be permanently shortened, while others will be stretched all the time. An imbalance is then created between the shortened muscles and the elongated muscles: this is the superior cruciate syndrome. This affects the muscle groups of the shoulders, neck and back as shown in the image.

Shortened muscles will be tense (ie neck muscles) while stretched muscles will become weak, such as muscles between the shoulder blades; this leads to the imbalance between the muscle groups constituting the main characteristics of the superior crusader syndrome.

How to notice it?

If you have your head tilted forward and your back rounded and then discomfort and pain appear after a few hours in your back, neck and neck area, then you may have developed the upper cross syndrome.

How to relieve it?

Several solutions exist to prevent or relieve the pain. We present to you one of them, simple and inexpensive, to make at home. Buying a beveled pillow could be a good, long-lasting alternative to avoid these pains. Consult the following link to watch the explanatory video. Please feel free to share the link and leave comments if you adopt this solution!

When to see a physiotherapist?

Chronically, this muscle imbalance and poor posture could lead to headaches, disturbed sleep, and tendonitis. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it may be time to see your physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist remains the posture specialist and will therefore be able to give you stretching and strengthening exercises to prevent and treat this ailment.

This article is for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes a diagnosis.

Image: Kinesiology and massage therapy - Superior cross syndrome

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