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Julien Bernier

Julien Bernier


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Graduated from McGill University in 2005, Julien Bernier focuses his practice in the 3 areas that he is passionate about: manual therapy, golf and running. A graduate of the prestigious CAMPT academy following continuing education in manual therapy from 2006 to 2014, he uses the principles of clinical reasoning and manual therapy consistently and diligently with his patients. In addition, he has completed all three medical levels of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), the gold standard in golfer care, both medically and for performance improvement. An avid runner since taking Blaise Dubois' course on new developments in the prevention of running injuries, Julien also aims to pass on his passion to patients who come to him for various problems and pains related to running.

Julien has been able to perfect his knowledge over the years by enrolling in training courses on a variety of subjects, from shoulder (Lyn Watson) to chest (Lj Lee, Sean Gibbons, Bahram Jam), chronic pain (Debbie Patterson) and the importance of breathing in abdominal control (Julie Wiebe, Laurie McLaughlin). However, it is with a mix of two holistic approaches, SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) and Dr. Lj Lee's Connect TherapyTM that Julien uses clinical reasoning to its full potential in order to get the patients who consult him at Action Sport Physio Saint-Bruno back on their feet.

Julien spends most of his free time doing what he loves best: moving! In addition to running and training year-round, he plays ice hockey in the winter and golf in the summer and tries to avoid missing an edition of the Grand Tour by bike as often as possible. Since graduating from university, he has been a supporter of the MSSC (Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada), for which he collects donations by participating in the MS Bike Tour every year.

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