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Components of Functional Independence

The following four components need to be addressed and if needed assessed prior to beginning an activity or an exercise program to further increase your functional independence.

Flexibility is the capacity to move and stretch your arms and legs along with your upper and lower trunk. A flexible and limber trunk and increased
range of motion of the arms and legs allows for safe and comfortable movement. Stretching routines can help you achieve your goals.
Strength capacity can make a big difference in one’s ability to maintain a functional and active lifestyle. Using your body weight as resistance in your strengthening routine can help you become stronger.
Balance exercises notably help prevent falls but they also provide for better coordinated body movement and positioning when moving or when still.
Endurance capacity also known as aerobic capacity increases your respiratory and cardiac efficiency so as to be able to do more with less effort and energy consumption

Your Action Sport Physio health professional can help you.
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