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old man doing physical activity

Physical activity to maintain functional independence

Physical activity never gets old. It is central for optimal aging and brain health. Research has shown that physical activity improves the brain’s ability to thrive and form new synaptic connections.
Being sedentary takes a huge toll on your health over time. Sitting can be considered the new “smoking” habit. The good news is that as one makes an effort to cut down on smoking and begins to feel the difference in breathing, a similar good feeling occurs when one starts to increase his or her mobility!
Move forward and set some goals. Make sure these goals are realistic, specific, and measurable so you can easily keep track.
Take responsibility for engaging in physical activities for life. And during these activities, think about your body alignment, posture and engage your core!

Your Action Sport Physio health professional can help guide you on the steps to take to increase physical activity!

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