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Susan Railer

Susan Railer Osteopath

Montreal - Downtown
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Susan is a D.O. graduate from The Osteopathic School. After graduating at the top of her class in osteopathy, Susan was invited to join the team at Centre de Médecine Douce de Montréal of ASP. Susan has a broad professional background in the health industry and a wealth of knowledge in all manners of alternative medicine.

Recently, she has taken a number of courses to further her education and apply this to her practice. Courses include: Manual Articular Approach: Spine and Pelvis, Visceral Vascular Manipulation, Neuro-Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation: Peripheral Nerve techniques, Neuro-Meningeal Manipulation and Neural Manipulation: Brain and Cranial nerves. These courses have changed her practice in that they've broadened her knowledge as an osteopath.

In addition she has an extensive background in dance, gymnastics and weight training. She graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education. After several years of teaching Physic-Education at the grade school level she returned to school to deepen her knowledge of the body and its mechanics. Since then she has been certified as a Polarity Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Myofascial Release Therapist and Homeopathic Therapist. She has been selected by the Barral Institute, which teaches Continuing Education seminars in Visceral Manipulation Therapy and Nerve Manipulation Therapy, to act as a teacher assistant for the visceral manipulation curriculum.

Additionally, in her spare time, Susan enjoys golfing, cycling, walking her dogs and spending time with her family.

Services Offered

Services Offered