Racket Sports: 5 Warm-up Exercises

Racket Sports: 5 Warm-up Exercises

Racket sports are fast pace sports and present many lateral displacements, which demand good mobility at the shoulders and hips. A good dynamic warm-up will help you perform better and stay injury-free.

1. Stand tall with your back straight and shoulders back. Keep arms straight and lift one arm upwards in the air and the other one back in the opposite direction. Alternate. Repeat slowly. 20 to 30 repetitions.

2. From the same position, wrap arms in front of you, then open arms, squeezing shoulder blades together. 20 to 30 repetitions.

3. Stand with arms extended on each side at shoulder height, flex the hip and bring your knee towards your elbow. 20 repetitions.

4. Keep your hips low and facing forward. Sideskip to your left keeping your feet wide apart. Travel the width of the court, then sideskip to the right.

5. Hold racket in front with both hands. Perform a walking lunge and slowly rotate on the same side of the forward leg. Travel the width of the court alternating legs.

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