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Picture of Jérémie Jean-Joseph Physiotherapist at the Action Sports Physio Saint-Léonard clinic
Jérémie Jean-Joseph

Jérémie Jean-Joseph


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M.Sc. P.T. Physiotherapist

Jérémie obtained his professional master's degree in physiotherapy from the Université de Montréal in 2018. He is also a physical rehabilitation therapist since 2014. He completed his studies in physiotherapy by focusing on his research project on patient satisfaction with innovative technologies in rehabilitation, namely virtual reality and telerehabilitation. He also wrote an article to this effect which was published in the Canadian Physiotherapy Association in July/August 2018.

Why physiotherapy? Jérémie wanted to make a significant contribution to people's quality of life and, above all, to the maintenance of physical health and well-being of the population.

As a health professional, Jeremie places great emphasis on establishing a therapeutic relationship of trust, active listening and educating the patient about the health condition. All this in order to properly target everyone's objectives and needs in order to obtain the best possible results.

Jeremie has a strong interest in musculoskeletal disorders. He has also completed the course Nouveautés dans la prevention des blessures en course à pied" given by M. Blaise Dubois, running specialist. This course allows him to evaluate, and correct running patterns for beginners and advanced runners, to prevent injury.

Certified to incorporate orthopaedic manual therapy and joint manipulation into his practice, Jérémie plans to specialize in vestibular disorders, concussions and further develop his knowledge of orthopaedic manual therapy within the AQPME.

To conclude, Jeremie is a sports lover since a very young age. He has played several sports including basketball, American football, strength training and athletics. He was a member of the Saint-Léonard Cougars football team. Jérémie has been involved in high level athletics. He participated in the 2010 Jeux du Québec de Gatineau. He therefore has a great interest in the sports clientele.


Services Offered

Services Offered