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Picture of Charles-Antoine Gagné Physiotherapist at the Action Sports Physio Valleyfield clinic
Charles-Antoine Gagné

Charles-Antoine Gagné Physiotherapist

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A graduate of Laval University, Charles-Antoine completed his master's degree in physiotherapy after studying in the field of occupational therapy. Charles-Antoine joined the Action Sport Physio team as a physiotherapist at the beginning of 2023, although he had been working there since 2019 as a student. 

During his university career, Charles-Antoine completed internships in both the public and private sectors, more specifically with hospitals, a rehabilitation center for stroke and brain injury clients, a private clinic as well as a university clinic, the Physiotherapy Clinic of Laval University. These diversified experiences have contributed to make him a complete physiotherapist, interested in a vast clientele, but above all a health professional eager to learn. 

Charles-Antoine is an avid sports enthusiast and in his spare time enjoys triathlon, hiking, dek field hockey and the vast majority of sports available to the general public such as field hockey, soccer, soccer and tennis, to name a few. Charles-Antoine is also passionate about nature, which leads him to travel the world and to garden at the first sign of spring.

Services Offered

Services Offered