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Depression, anxiety, and acupuncture!

Depression, anxiety, and acupuncture!

Do you feel like current difficulties are making you depressed or anxious? Do you experience physical pain, digestive problems, or sleep disturbances (insomnia or too much sleep) that make you feel more discouraged? Have you tried the treatment recommended by your doctor, but you cannot stand the side effects of the medication? Are you on the waiting list for a psychology appointment?

Did you know that chronic pain is another factor that can also lead to chronic depression? Depression causes a lot of bodily discomfort and general pain, which is causing a vicious cycle: Pain can lead to depression and depression can make chronic pain worse. Acupuncture treatment helps break this cycle by effectively relieving depressive symptoms as well as pain. It can be combined with conventional treatments such as physiotherapy and osteopathy to increase their effectiveness.

Acupuncture helps relieve various symptoms and improves quality of life. First, the treatment is tailored according to the specific signs and symptoms of each individual. The acupuncturist takes into account the overall condition of the patient and seeks to optimize their health in general. Then, accessibility to an acupuncture appointment makes it possible to reduce the waiting time for treatment. It is also a complementary treatment to other conventional therapies and helps reduce the side effects of the medication.

Acupuncture is one of the five branches of Traditional Chi-Noise Medicine which includes TuiNa (massage), pharmacopoeia (herbs), dietetics and Qigong. It is an alternative medicine that increases the body's self-healing capacities. It is holistic, safe and without side effects.


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