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Picture of Virginie Cloutier Nutritionist at the Action Sport Physio Sherbrooke clinic
Virginie Cloutier

Virginie Cloutier Nutritionist


Nutritionist-dietitian in Sherbrooke, Virginia is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and a member of the Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec.

Dedicated to the success of others, Virginie will support you in your health and nutrition journey. Creative, she will adapt to your reality to get the most out of your experience. She enjoys sharing her love for cooking and has more than one trick up her sleeve to provide pleasure, balance and simplicity on the plate.

She is also a master's candidate in physical activity. Virginie is passionate about the outdoors and sports and she can also offers tools to support you in your leisure time to help you optimize your energy.

Empathetic and attentive to your needs, Virginie will help you achieve your health goals, while maintaining the pleasure of eating.

Services Offered

Services Offered