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Picture of Vincent Chiche Osteopath at the Action Sport Physio Montreal - Downtown clinic
Vincent Chiche

Vincent Chiche Osteopath

Montreal - Downtown


Vincent has a masters degree in Sciences of Physical and Sports activities (2001) and a Masters in Business Administration (2005). In 2009 Vincent turned to the world of manual therapy and completed a course in Osteopathy, respecting the training criteria of the WHO (World Health Organization).

Since then, he has increased post-secondary graduate training to integrate evidence into his practice and thus promoting contemporary and credible osteopathy among other medical and paramedical professions.

He is constantly improving his interventions by keeping up to date in pain management techniques, in particular by training in neurosciences and the bio-psycho-social model, which are now essential for him in manual therapy.

Since 2017 Vincent has also been a lecturer in osteopathy, during which he shares these approaches and thus participates in the training of the future generation of osteopaths.

With a diverse background and an honest personality, his goal is to empower his clients a quickly as possible using the tools he has accumulated over the years and which make his interventions unique and effective.

With his 20 years of experience, in addition to being deeply human, Vincent is a reliable therapist who listens to you.

(His services are recognized by all insurance companies)

Services Offered

Services Offered