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Picture of Alexis Brien Athletic Therapist at the Action Sport Physio Maisonneuve Rosemont clinic
Alexis Brien
Athletic Therapist

Alexis Brien Athletic Therapist

Maisonneuve Rosemont


Alexis Brien Roch graduated from Concordia University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a Specialization in Athletic Therapy. He started working at Action Sport Physio in September 2017 after passing the national exam to become a Certified Athletic Therapist.

He has worked in clinics and at events with athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds including rugby, soccer, various team and combat sports, and triathlon. He currently works mainly in the fields of gymnastics, climbing, soccer and basketball. In addition, always looking for new challenges, he has recently entered the boxing world with the Eastern Boxing Club.

An avid sports enthusiast himself, he has been an elite athlete in several sports including badminton, alpine skiing and soccer, in addition to having coached in the latter two disciplines. He continues to climb, ski and play soccer on a regular basis. These multiple experiences allow him to fully understand the dynamics of athletes and coaches, resulting in a good collaboration with them.

During his years of studies as well as in his professional career, Alexis has treated various athletes from the recreational to the professional level. He masters several tools, such as motion analysis and biomechanics, to optimize the performance of athletes and active people through the design of specific training. He also uses specialized rehabilitation techniques following acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries to allow a quick return to activities.

To better help you, he takes part in conferences and advanced training courses given by leading experts in their field, including :

-Reconditioning 1 (Jaime and Scott Livingston)
-Reconditioning 2 (Jaime and Scott Livingston)

Services Offered

Services Offered