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Picture of Jonathan Zilembo Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Saint-Léonard clinic
Jonathan Zilembo

Jonathan Zilembo Physiotherapist



Jonathan Zilembo graduated from McGill University in 2021 with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Physiotherapy. Prior to these endeavours, Jonathan completed two years of a Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University. He is a licensed member of the Ordre Professionnel de la Physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ).

Throughout his academic studies, Jonathan participated in numerous extracurriculars, all to build his foundational knowledge as a physiotherapist. Within the anatomical laboratory he gained a profound knowledge of the human body through the various anatomical dissections he performed on cadavers, encompassing practically the entire body. He has participated in teaching anatomy as a teaching assistant to undergraduate physiotherapy and occupational therapy students as well as medicine and dentistry students.

Throughout his studies, Jonathan has gained clinical experience in both orthopaedic acute care and private clinic setting, and within the rehabilitation setting treating individuals suffering from strokes. For his Master’s project, he and his fellow colleagues identified and reported the various coordination measures one may use for individuals suffering from neurological conditions. Jonathan has always had a love for the neurosciences, having taken numerous neuroscience courses across all his degrees, and completing neuroendocrinology research. He will be applying this passion by integrating stroke rehabilitation into the services he is offering.

To date, Jonathan has completed his certification for the prescription of X-rays and his Level 1 of Manual Therapy. He wishes to continue these endeavours by pursing vestibular and concussion rehab courses as well as furthering his manual therapy skills.

Jonathan strives to offer to his clients the best quality care possible, tailoring treatment to their specific needs, while encouraging their participation within their own rehabilitation to achieve their goals.

In his leisure time, Jonathan enjoys reading, jogging, cooking, and following his favorite Formula One race car team!

Services Offered

Services Offered