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Welcome Back to Our Clinics

We are ready to welcome you in a safe environment.

Everything will be OK, let's get you Back to Life!

Welcome Back to Our Clinics

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Action Sport Physio recognizes that satisfying your health and safety concerns are priority one.

You can rest assured that we have taken rigorous hygiene and preventive measures to ensure your complete safety, comfort, and satisfaction during your stay at any one of our clinics. All efforts required to follow the regulations of the health authorities and our professional order have been made, and all of our staff has been informed and prepared.

We invite you to read our hygiene measures below and we look forward to welcoming you back to Action Sport Physio!

Before your appointment

From the outset, we ask all of our clients and employees not to show up if:

  • they have COVID-19 or have had contact with a person with COVID-19 (or in the case of our employees, contact without personal protective equipment with a person with COVID-19)
  • they experience symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, unexplained muscle pain, difficulty breathing, flu-like syndrome, loss of smell, diarrhea)
  • they traveled within 14 days of the appointment.

We also ask our clients to come alone or, if absolutely necessary, with only one accompanying person, and to wear a mandatory procedural or homemade mask.

Upon your arrival

We ask all of our clients to wash their hands for 20 seconds according to the posted protocol. Hand sanitizer is also available at the reception and in all treatment areas.

You will notice that our staff at the reception wears a washable gown or smock, as well as a mask and gloves, and is protected by a plexiglass screen.

Also, the clinic’s premises have been rearranged to facilitate movement and spacing between people. Therefore, we ask you to respect the physical distancing of two meters from anyone you meet in the clinic.

During your treatment

Your therapist (and every employee) washes their hands for 20 seconds before and after each client and wears a mandatory procedural mask at all times, which they will change daily or as needed if soiled.

Please do not touch any equipment or material other than that used for your treatment and follow the staff’s instructions.

Upon your departure

We ask all our customers to pay by card and to wash their hands for 20 seconds when leaving.

Other protective measures taken in the clinic

A closed treatment room is available for at-risk clients (70 years and over, chronic illness, etc.).

The materials and equipment used during treatment are disinfected after each patient.

Several times a day, we disinfect the facilities and equipment:

  • at the reception area: counter, keyboards, phones, payment terminals, pens…
  • in the treatment rooms: treatment tables, elastics, bikes, treadmill, pulleys…
  • in the common spaces: doorknobs, light switches, chairs, elevator buttons…

The clinic provides its staff with strict hygiene and protection guidelines, as well as daily updates.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments regarding the hygiene measures, we invite you to contact the clinic’s manager.

We are very happy to now be able to invite you to our Action Sport Physio clinics, and rest assured that we are doing everything to make your visit comfortable.