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Picture of Brigitte Way Physiotherapist at the Action Sport Physio Piedmont/Saint-Sauveur clinic
Brigitte Way

Brigitte Way Physiotherapist




Graduated from the University of Montreal in 1983 (Physical Education) and 1991 (Physiotherapy), the winning combination to meet the needs of the region's athletes!

Skills acquired over the years in several fields and the opportunity to live enriching experiences on the car racing circuit, in the Atlantic Formula with the Lynx Racing team (1995), as well as with the Cirque du Soleil during the Alegria (1996-1998) and Dralion (1999-2000) tours.

She will soon obtain a diploma in naturopathy and, in the near future, will study to demystify the phenomenon of chronic pain.

For the moment, to transmit to you the taste to take care of you!

Other trainings :

Prevention of running injuries

Neuroproprioceptive taping levels 1 and 2

Muscle control of the upper quadrant (shoulder and elbow), lower quadrant (knee)

Lumbar stabilization

Services Offered

Services Offered