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Picture of Frédéric Watine Osteopath at the Action Sports Physio Montreal - Downtown clinic
Frédéric Watine

Frédéric Watine Osteopath



Osteopath recognized for his clinical experience, the quality of his work and his results, as well as for the human and rigorous support of his patients.

"My goal is to help restore the balance and health of my patients. Osteopathic medicine is first and foremost an art, using structural, visceral, fascial, thoracic and cranial techniques to restore freedom to the systems that allow the body to heal itself.

Currently, I am actively working on integrating osteopathic therapies into concussion treatment protocols allowing for a much quicker return to a normal life. "

Frédéric Watine has been working at the ASP Downtown clinic for 15 years. He treats a wide range of people, as well as many professional athletes from Cirque du Soleil, field hockey and soccer.

He also teaches and mentors at the Academy of Osteopathy of Montreal (AOM). He has developed a personalized course content in structural and cranial osteopathy that brings a solid practical experience to the theoretical teaching, thus allowing to make the links between all the physiological systems, punctuated by numerous clinical examples.

During the 1990's, while living in Paris, Frédéric Watine created, among other things, the first osteopathic consultation in a conventional hospital setting and worked with racing drivers (Formula 1 and others), as well as the corps de ballet of the Paris Opera.

Services Offered

Services Offered