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Picture of  Amélie Venne Gobeil Massage Therapist at the Action Sport Physio Piedmont/Saint-Sauveur clinic
Amélie Venne Gobeil
Massage Therapist

Amélie Venne Gobeil Massage Therapist

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Amelie Venne Gobeil

FQM certified massage therapist - manual therapy

Amelie likes to say that she works in manual therapy because she attaches particular importance to welcoming who you are.

Inspired by several integrated approaches, she offers you a massage that will meet your specific therapeutic needs while providing you with relaxation and well-being.

Graduated from Guijek-KineConcept school in Swedish massage in spring 2012,

Amélie diversifies her practice with the Integrated Deep Tissue massage to undo the adhesions between the muscular and fascial layers which are at the origin of pain, allowing an in-depth work. To acquire greater fluidity, the Californian massage and the Essalen Momentum will be good guides.

Anxious to perfect her knowledge of anatomy, in 2014 she completed two years of full-time studies in osteopathy at the Collège d'études ostéopathiques de Montréal. In 2015, she continued her studies in osteopathy at the Sutherland Academy of Osteopathy in Quebec for a year and a half. 2016 she took a short break from supervised studies to devote herself to motherhood.

Sensitive to the collaborations in integral health that we can establish nowadays with the different approaches in alternative and traditional medicine, Amélie takes care to take her place through the team formed by caregivers in global health.

Fall 2021, she will continue her lymphatic drainage training Vodder approach to achieve all 3 levels. With the aim of supporting everyone towards a better well-being and to perfect her knowledge and equip herself as best as possible, other projects are still on the table ...

Regardless of your age, physical condition, level of rehabilitation or limitations felt, you can benefit from high quality professional and sensitive manual therapy.

Member of the FQM since 2012, receipts for insurance purposes available.

Services Offered

Services Offered