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Tips to Stay in Shape This Summer

Tips to Stay in Shape This Summer

Days are getting sunnier, terraces are taking over sidewalks and there are more and more people at the local ice cream parlour… without a doubt, summer’s here! This favourite time of year for many Quebecers is also a season during which we indulge in several things. On the menu: alcoholic drinks, bistro food, slowly giving up workouts and so on.

Why is it so difficult to keep focused on our health when summer shows up? In order for you to enjoy summer without ruining all the efforts you have made to be healthy since the fall, here are a few tips.

1. Change your schedule!

Summer offers a really interesting climate that allows us to move at any time of the day without risking hypothermia. If you were used to working out in the morning, take the opportunity to change your workout time. Perhaps you'll find that your physical performance is more interesting at a different time of day.

2. Go for it!

Bored with your traditional physical activities? Dare to try something new. Each year, new sports emerge. Whether it’s climbing, abseiling, rafting or forest running, surely you'll find something you like. The most important thing is to not have preconceptions. Tell yourself you want to experience something new and jump in.

3. Socialize

It’s tempting to cancel a workout because your friends are waiting for you on a terrace. Invite them to join you in being active before your appointment. On top of having fun as a group, you can also lose a few calories.

4. Take a big bite out of summer

With summer also comes fruits and vegetables in season. Put some color on your plate by preparing delicious salads. Add to that a good lean piece of meat cooked on the grill and you get a fresh and healthy meal. Take time to eat outside, because the season is short.

5. Go easy

Although the temptation is great, try to avoid cocktail type alcoholic beverages because they contain a lot of calories. If consumed in large quantities, you will need to double up your efforts come fall to go back to your original shape.

Lastly, simply enjoy summer as we’ll soon enough see the first leaves start to fall. :)

Have a healthy summer!

Jimmy Sévigny
Motivational speaker and personal coach focusing on healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle

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