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Soccer: 5 Warm-up Exercices

Soccer: 5 Warm-up Exercices

Soccer is a sport that requires multi-directional movements. The warm-up should focus on lower back, hips, thigh and hip flexors.

  1. Keep your back straight and shoulders back. Walk on toes, then walk on heels. Travel 10 meters in each direction.
  2. Keep back straight. While walking, bring heel to buttock. Hold for 2 seconds. Repeat with other leg. Travel 10 meters.
  3. Linear walk lunge. Step forward. Bent back knee until about 10cm (4 inches) from the ground. Keep front knee aligned with toes. Alternate leg. Travel about 10 meters.
  4. Stand with arms extended in front. Lift leg to the touch your fingers. Try not to bend knee. Alternate leg. Travel 5 meters.
  5. Carioca. Trunk facing forward. Right leg crosses in front, then crosses in back of left leg. Keep traveling in one direction for 20 meters, then change direction.

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